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Pay Trend & Pay Level Survey

An Important reference to You Pay Decisions

2019 Pay Trend and Pay Level Survey Report

A snapshot of key contents


January pay trend survey

-  Total Base Pay Adjustments

-  Bonus Payments

-  Distribution of Pay Payments

-  Overall Market Forecast Pay Adjustments in 2019


main pay trend survey

 Pay Adjustments and Bonus Payments

   -  Total Pay Adjustments

   -  Distribution of Changes in Pay Adjustment (2019 vs. 2018)

   -  Distribution of Pay Adjustments

   -  Differential Pay Adjustments

   -  Cumulative Total Pay Adjustments

   -  Special Adjustments

   -  Promotional Adjustments

   -  Bonus Payments

   -  Pay Practices

   -  Civil Service Pay Adjustments

Proportion of Benefits to Total Remuneration

Overall Market Forecast Pay Adjustments for next 1st quarter

Trends of Pay and Bonus Adjustments Over the Last Five Years

Pay Adjustments analysed by:

   -  Size of Company

   -  Salary Level

   -  Management of Company (Local cs. Multinational)

Bonus Payments

   -  Trends of Change in Guaranteed Bonus Policy

   -  Trends of Change in Non-guaranteed Bonus Policy

   -  Employees Eligible for a Bonus and Size of Bonus


pay Level survey

-  Actual Pay Levels

-  Changes in Targeted Entry Pay

-  Actual Entry Pay of New Recruits

13 Jobs with four levels

Four levels

General , Middle, Senior and Top level

13 Jobs

-  Accounting
-  Customer Service
-  Engineering
-  Faclilities Maintenance / Building 
-  Finance
-  Human Resources
-  Information Technology / Computer
-  Logistics
-  Marketing
-  Procurement
-  Property Management / Development
-  Public Relations
-  Sales

13 Jobs without level

-  Clerk
-  Senior Clerk
-  Junior Secretary / Secretary
-  Senior Secretary / Executive Secretary
-  Assistant Merchandiser
-  Senior Merchandiser
-  Pool Car Driver
-  Personal Driver
-  Security Guard
-  Receptionist / Telephonist
-  Labourer
-  Office Assistant
-  Tradesman

Fresh Graduates

-  Master’s Degree Holder (Business)

-  Master’s Degree Holder (Engineering)

-  Bachelor’s Degree Holder (Business)

-  Bachelor’s Degree Holder (Engineering)

-  Higher Diploma Holder

-  Associate Degree Holder

-  Diploma Holder

-  Certificate Holder


Topical Study

Survey on Alternative Workforce



Publication date

December  2019


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Pay Trend Survey

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Main Pay Trend Survey

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Pay Level Survey

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Topical Study

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