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Employee Experience Survey

Bespoke Research on Your Employees' Opinions


Questionnaire Structure

Data Collection



Organisations which treat employees the way they treat customers, understand what customer experience and people power are all about. The question is how can leaders set about enhancing these key areas? An excellent first step is using an employee survey like the HKIHRM Employee Experience Survey™ (EES) to determine how employees feel about their organisation, their leaders, and the opportunities for improvement.


The EES is designed to gather employees' perceptions on different aspects of your organisation quickly and in a simple way. Such information provides an important health check for companies, as well as a barometer of progress for human resource management.

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Questionnaire Structure

The standard EES questionnaire contains 70 standard statements. Each statement is assessed on the Importance to the responding employee and the Organisation's current performance.

The 70 statements are categorised into 14 dimensions.

  • Company Mission and Leadership

  • Corporate Culture

  • Quality Principles & Practices

  • Innovation & Change

  • Performance Management

  • Climate

  • Role Clarity

  • Communication

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Recognition & Rewards

  • Management Style

  • Teamwork & Co-operation

  • Training & Development

  • Working Conditions

Data collection

Data Collection

Paper questionnaire

fillsurvey(Freepik -

- No computer is required

- Suitable for respondents that are not technology savvy 

- Caters for employees without organisation email accounts e.g. frontline staff, retail outlet staff 

Online questionnaire

online(Freepik -

- Facilitates participation anytime, anywhere without geographic limitation

- Provides a more convenient and environment-friendly way of conducting the survey

- Employees with individual organisation email account

Language of survey

Pixel Perfect-1.png

- English

- Traditional Chinese

- Simplified Chinese

EES features


Organisation Performance Summary Grid 

This chart presents a comprehensive picture of your organisation's unique strengths and weaknesses.

Employee Satisfaction Index

This index is a weighted score of performance gap against importance expressed as a percentage. If your organisation is falling short of employee expectations, the index will be under 100%. If your organisation is exactly meeting expectations, it will produce a score of 100%.



Participating organisation’s results can be benchmarked with the HKIHRM’s norms, which are compiled by aggregating the results of EES conducted by other organisations.

Participating companies in the survey cover a variety of business sectors

  • Business Service

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Financial Service

  • Hotel and Club Management

  • IT and Telecommunication

  • Manufacturing

  • NGO / Statutory body

  • Property Development

  • Restaurant

  • Retail

  • Trading

  • Transportation 

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Contact us

Please contact the HKIHRM Research Team for enquiry or for arranging a presentation on EES

Tel: (852) 2881 5113   E-mail:

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