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Format of Survey

Questionnaire Content




Organisations that treat employees the way they treat customers understand what customer experience and people power are all about. The question is, how can leaders set about improving this? An excellent first step is to use an employee survey, like the HKIHRM Employee Experience Survey™ (EES), to determine how employees feel about the organisation, their leaders and the opportunities for improvement.


The HKIHRM EES Questionnaire is designed to gather employees' views/ perceptions about different aspects of your company quickly and in a simple way. Such information provides an important health check for companies, as well as a barometer of progress for human resource management. The standard questionnaire is a valuable tool for an organisation to conduct in-house surveys for improving employee communications. It was first developed based upon a qualitative review of employee attitude survey questionnaires from HKIHRM. From 15 corporate members that are renowned companies in Hong Kong.

The Benefits of Appointing an Independent Third Party Service Provider:


                  1. Assuring anonymity of responses by means of confidential administrative procedures

                  2. Providing comparative data for benchmarking with the market norm

                  3. Encouraging employee participation and candid response about the company

                  4. Enhancing survey credibility

Format of the Survey

Printed Questionnaire

- No computer is required

- Lead to the belief that employees may be more honest on printed survey

- With onsite briefing to boost up the response rate 

Employees without company email account, such as front-line, retail-shop

Sample questionnaire ??? 

Online Questionnaire

- Access online survey at 7x24hours

- Provide a more convenient and environment-friendly way of conducting the survey

- Allow employees to maintain their anonymity

Employees with individual company email account

Go online sample questionnaire

Language of survey

- English

- Traditional Chinese

- Simplified Chinese

Questionnaire Content

The standard Questionnaire contains 70 standard statements and is designed to enable bi-variate assessment. As such, each statement is assessed in terms of its: 


(1) Importance to "me" as an employee; and

(2) Company's current performance

The 70 statements can be categorized into 14 dimensions.

  • Company Mission and Leadership

  • Corporate Culture

  • Quality Principles & Practices

  • Innovation & Change

  • Performance Management

  • Climate

  • Role Clarity

  • Communication

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Recognition & Rewards

  • Management Style

  • Teamwork & Co-operation

  • Training & Development

  • Working Conditions

(Tailored questions can be added according to the company's need) 

Employee Experience Survey Features

Benchmarking with HKIHRM EES Norm

One of the objectives of this exercise is to provide companies conducting EES an opportunity to compare their results with those obtained by other companies in the HKIHRM database. For benchmarking purposes, HKIHRM will share these other companies' "Norm" and "Best in Class" scores for the 14 categories. Benchmarks against both large and small companies are available

Grid Chart

This chart presents a comprehensive picture of your organisation's unique strengths and weaknesses.

Employee Satisfaction Index

EES produces a percentage index as a weighted score of performance against "importance to me" and "company's current performance" for the 14 dimensions covered by the HKIHRM model.

Participating companies in the survey cover a variety of business sectors

  • Business Service

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Financial Service

  • Hotel and Club Management

  • IT and Telecommunication

  • Manufacturing

  • NGO

  • Property Development

  • Restaurant

  • Retail

  • Statutory body

  • Tourism and travel

  • Trading

  • Transportation 

Scope of Standard Services

Design questionnaire 

Setup platform

Collect data

Analyse & code data

Write report

Additional services

On site briefing

Client Presentation

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HKIHRM members can enjoy a special offer for subscribing to the Employee Experience Survey

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