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Pay Trend & Pay Level Survey

An Important Reference to Your Pay Decisions

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Pay Level Survey

  • Conducted annually

  • Measures pay level of jobs in fifteen job professions in four different job levels as well as fresh graduates with different educational levels

  • Key parameters include actual pay levels and entry pay of new recruits

A snapshot of key contents

Targeted Entry Pay


Pay Level of New Recruits


Pay Level of All Incumbents


Pay Trend Survey

  • Conducted twice a year

  • Targets orgarnisations operating in Hong Kong

  • Measures pay adjustment level, bonus payment, pay adjustment forecast in coming year and factors driving pay decisions

A snapshot of key contents

Annual Base Pay Adjustment


Distribution of Pay Adjustment


Non-Guaranteed Bonus


Training & Development

Needs Survey

  • Conducted annually

  • Tracks changes in training and development budgets earmarked for employees, training needs of different job levels and prevailing training practices

A snapshot of key contents

Size of Training & Development budget

1.TND_budget 700x400.jpg

Training hours per annum

2-TND_hours 700x400.jpg

Training practices


Importance of training areas


Benefits Survey

  • Conducted once every three years

  • Gauges provision of different types of benefits by local employers in Hong Kong, local employees who travel frequently and those stationed in mainland China

A snapshot of key contents

Leave Entitlement

- Annual Leave

- Sick Leave

- Maternity Leave

- Paternity Leave, etc

Retirement / Termination Benefits

- Contributory Plan

- Non-contributory Plan

- MPF Scheme

- Long Service Payment & Severance Payment

Medical Plan

- Medical Check-up

- Clinical Benefit

- Dental Benefit

- Hospitalization Benefits

Long Service Recognition

- Service Related Cash  Bonus

- Subsidized Leisure Trip Benefits

- Other Non-cash Awards

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